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Cosmetologist or masseur making manual relaxing rejuvenating massage for face and shoulder

Facials and Relaxation

Custom Facial  $100

This personalized, customized facial is designed just for you and your skin’s needs. It includes natural botanicals, essential oils and luxurious techniques combined with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver results. A detailed skin analysis and consultation is performed to determine your concerns and meet your needs. The facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, therapeutic massage, skin treatments and a mask all tailored to you.

First-Time Facial Experience* $75


If you've never had a facial with Nancy before and would like to see what a facial is all about, this is the facial for you! This facial is customized to your needs keeping in mind that you've never experienced one before. You're going to love it!


*Only available to first-time facial clients.

Seasons Beyond Botox Facial  $140

A result-driven facial that is perfect before a big event! This facial includes, dermaplaning, a customized peel, serums, massage, and a firming peptide mask. Creating instant but lasting, firming and lifting results.

Acne Clearing Facial  $90

This facial is a problem solver whether you have chronic acne, hormonal breakouts or simply clogged pores and blackheads. The includes a detailed skin analysis, deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to target breakouts utilizing salicylic acid, medicated treatment and a mask with antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Initially, a series of six or more treatments is realistic. This treatment can also be done on the back.

Teen Facial  $75

This treatment is designed specifically for teens (ages 13-19). It includes a detailed skin analysis, exfoliations, extractions, mask and finish product. Instructions for taking care of your skin at home are provided. 

Eye Rescue  $35

This is an express anti-aging treatment designed to deliver instant results. Smooth the look of crow’s feet, brighten dark circles, and relieve puffiness.  This treatment is perfect for that special occasion when you want fresh, bright and younger looking eyes. It's such a treat when added to a facial!

Reiki (Usui) Session  $95

The word Reiki, from the Japanese words, rei, meaning universal, and ki, meaning life force energy, describes a healing and stress reduction technique. Some Eastern cultures embrace the concept of universal energy and believe physical, spiritual and emotional distress results from energy blockage. This session can help channel energy and restore balance. It’s not a facial but great for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing.

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